Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Diverse Libraries with Lead-Like Properties

High throughput screening (HTS) in drug discovery is critical for drug discovery and is a widely used tool for querying small molecule chemical libraries to determine the structure-activity relationship (SAR) of molecules and helps drive the development of specific and potent bioactive drugs.

Strateos has compiled a diverse library of 500K ready-to-use compounds for high throughput screening, toxicity assays, drug discovery, and other pharmaceutical applications. To allow convenient, rapid screening of the 500K small molecule library, we have assembled a 50K diversity set that is closely aligned with the physicochemical properties of the 500K set.

The 500K library is composed of molecules found in publicly available structure databases and is a powerful resource for high throughput screening drug discovery. We provide all relevant physical and chemical information such as structure, purity, stability, and solubility for all compounds, enabling use of our libraries as a powerful tool for high throughput drug screening, mechanism research, hit identification, and positive controls.

Highlights of 500K and 50K Small Molecule Libraries

  • Compounds found in publicly available structure databases
  • Chemical libraries for drug discovery, drug target identification and pharmaceutical-related applications
  • Libraries based on molecular 3D shape and pharmacophore diversity
  • Compounds solubilized in 10 mM DMSO solution
  • 500K library stored on-site at our SanDiego facility and available for immediate use on our system
  • Use libraries in combination with small molecule discovery workflows or bring your own library to screen
  • Diverse libraries filtered by Lipinksi Rule of 5

Key Specifications

  • Molecular Weight median: 360 Da
  • cLogP median: 3.19
  • cLogS: median -4.16
  • HBA median: 5
  • HBD median: 1
  • PSA: median 69.0

Physicochemical Properties

The Strateos small molecule chemical libraries are important drug discovery tools library collection is composed of compounds with desirable traits such as significant structural diversity, lead-likeness, and overall solubility profiles and avoidance of compounds with problematic characteristics from knowledge gained from thousands of screens and informatic assessments. The libraries in combination with our small molecule drug discovery workflows support HTS and is a powerful solution for hit identification, hit to lead and lead optimization.


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