Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Use our high quality compound libraries for your drug discovery screens or bring your own library

Assay Onboarding and Development

Introducing the Strateos small moleclue chemical library collections composed of compounds with desirable traits such as significant structural diversity, lead-likeness, and overall solubility profiles and avoidance of compounds with problematic characteristics from knowledge gained from thousands of screens and informatic assessments over 18 years.

The library in combination with our small molecule drug discovery workflows is a powerful solution for hit identification, hit to lead and lead optimization.

Compounds with Desirable Traits and Avoidance
of Those with Problematic Characteristics

  • Chemical libraries for drug discovery, drug target identification, and pharmaceutical-related applications

  • 500k compounds found in a publicly available structure database

  • Use in combination with small moleclue discovery workflows or bring your own library to screen

  • Many compounds are FDA-approved and validated by literature, preclinical and clinical research

  • Multiple diversity subsets and formats available

  • Solubilized in DMSO at 10mm

Chemical libraries - Screening campaign

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