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Connecting researchers to automated workflows

Orchestrate your scientific workflows virtually and interactively command and control our unique fleet of lab automation modules, which can be accessed from anywhere in the world, speed the design-make-test-analyze cycle and generate clean, machine actionable data. Drug discovery today can be long, complex and expensive. Strateos Cloud Labs provide life scientists faster, more reliable and lower cost data, fully leveraging the power of artificial intelligence-powered analysis tools to accelerate the drug discovery process.

Remote controlled smart lab accessible from a web browser

Control a Laboratory from Your Computer Remotely

Our remote-control and on-demand smart labs are accessible from a web browser enabling scientists around the world to easily access and control new technologies to advance the life sciences.

Why Scientific Organizations use the Strateos Cloud Lab Platform

Why Scientific Organizations use Strateos SmartLab Platform


Strateos smart labs are located in Menlo Park and San Diego, California, Which together represent more than 14,000 square feet of laboratory space and 200-plus state-of-the-art research instruments tailored to the application needs of small-molecule and biologics drug discovery, cell and gene therapies and synthetic biology.

Strateos SmartLab Studio Map

These remote-controlled, secure labs provide sophisticated command-and-control tools so scientists can design, manage, and collaborate on scientific workflows that deliver high-quality data for analysis from anywhere in the world.

Strateos Cloud Lab Automation-as-a-Service

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