Strateos Lab Automation Software

Accelerate the Path From Idea to Data with Push-Button Control of Your Laboratory

At the core of Strateos’ platform is our software, which drives both our remote access smart labs and our suite of private lab control software products.

Strateos  Lab Automation Software is a modular offering which enables organizations to manage and automate their on-premise research operations and instrumentation for executing scientific workflows via the cloud.

Deploy Our Lab Automation Software to
Connect, Control and Automate

Key Features

How Can Strateos Support Your Lab?

Our lab automation software can:

Enable and build automated workflows through instrument connectivity and control

Collect data samples through Web interface

Streamline scientific activities from experimental parameters to sample to data through a single web-interface

Data via cloud based platform - strateos

Enhance cross-department collaboration and share experiments, sample information, and data from anywhere and anytime via a cloud-based platform

Remote lab - optimized device booking

Increase lab throughput and instrument utilization through automation and optimized device booking

Support scalable frictionless automation from single instrument, modular/workcell to multi-facility control

Strateos Lab - Fast and reliable content rich data

Trace content-rich data from project to experiment to sample for fast and reliable go/no-go decisions, reducing experimental costs

Get data through push-button reproducibility

Build trust in your experiments and data through push-button reproducibility

Strateos SmartLab Studio - Internal scientific workflows

Free up your time to perform data analysis and experiment design, while lab automation and robotics perform the tedious, repetitive tasks associated with your protocol.


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