Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery Assay Onboarding and Development

Assay Onboarding and Development

Strateos offers a wide range of off the shelf drug discovery assays and supports custom development of biochemical, biophysical and cell based assays in drug discovery, using both industry-standard and innovative technologies to support drug screening projects from hit identification to lead optimization.

We also have broad experience in a variety of target classes ranging from GPCRs, kinases, ion channels, nuclear receptors, proteases and protein-protein interactions in many therapeutic areas. Our highly experienced team can also provide project strategy, design, and implementation guidance throughout the drug discovery assay development process.

Hit-Finding Approaches

Phenotypic Biochemical GPCR Ubiquintation
PPI Protease Transporter Phosphodieterase
Ion Channel Enzymatic Nuclear Receptor And Many More

Common Drug Discovery Assay Formats/Readouts

Cell Viability cAMP Absorbance Fluorescence
Chemiluminescence BRET Alpha Screen AlphaLISA
Ctyokine Release Reporter Gene TR-FRET FRET
Fluorescence Polarization qCPR Mass Spectrometry And Many More


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