Discovery Biology

From Concept to Candidate

The Strateos platform connects remote research and development teams to Strateos’ two smart labs for on-demand access to a suite of integrative discovery biology products and services. And control of robotics and analytical instrumentation enabling the execution of a broad range of cutting-edge technologies and scientific workflows in the cloud.

Strateos Platform - From Concept to Candidate

Why Use Strateos?

Leveraging AI


Improve Data and Traceability

Improve Data
and Traceability

Science On Demand

On Demand

Easy-to-use Web Interface

Easy-to-use Web Interface

Machine Readable


Faster Cycle Times

Faster Cycle

Instantaneous Data Delivery

Instantaneous Data Delivery

Connect Programmatically (APIs)

Connect Programmatically (APIs)

Supporting Life Scientists Today and the
Next Wave of Therapeutic Innovations

Scale your workflows beyond your lab to the cloud for on-demand, flexible-usage. Get access to high performance automation and instruments for generating mission critical data through the convenience of your laptop.

Strateos SmartLab - Discovery Biology

Starting is Easy

Strateos is a pioneer in the development of remote access laboratories for integrative discovery biology. The Strateos Platform helps scientists more efficiently and reproducible design, run, and analyze experiments to achieve new and faster scientific discoveries

Strateos remote access laboratories for integrative discovery biology


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