AI for Drug Discovery

Use our Platform in combination with AI powered drug discovery to overcome the challenges associated with generating biologically relevant, clean and structured data to advance R&D

AI for Drug Discovery Platform

The Strateos Platform automates chemistry, biology, and tissue analysis into closed loop robotic labs that accelerate drug discovery programs. AI and deep learning in drug discovery vastly outperform human capabilities to evaluate large databases to discern patterns and predict desirable new small molecule drug candidates. Through a combination of best-in-class robotics and control systems, advanced software for imaging and analytics, and remote cloud laboratories, we enable our pharmaceutical partners to more rapidly and efficiently discover new drug candidates.

Unites experiments and data science leveraging machine actionable data solving the following challenges:

fleets of automation replacing manual workflows

The need for fleets of automation replacing manual workflows

data driving accelerated discovery

A lack of rapid, clean and reproducible data driving accelerated discovery

Re-imagining Labs as Smart Data Centers

Accelerates Scientific Discovery

Strateos Platform - Smart Data Centers

Build Better Models
with High Quality Data

Specify and execute experimental protocols for scientific research in a way that is transparent, precise, unambiguous, and coherent to both humans and computers. Facilitate reproducible workflows, increase data quality and reduce method implementation effort and cost.

Command and Control
Streaming Data Sources

Automate, harmonize and unify phenotypic and biochemical, acoustic mass spec, ADME, imaging, genomic and operational datasets to interrogate and prosecute a variety of data science and AI use cases to further accelerate research and discovery across the life sciences.


The Strateos platform provides secure APIs for programmatic integration into our clients existing data engineering pipelines, software systems and data analysis tools, thereby increasing system interoperability.

Realize the Potential of FAIR Data for Pharmaceutical R&D

FAIR Data Principle Guidelines - to make data findable


FAIR Data Principle Guidelines - to make data accessible


FAIR Data Principle Guidelines - to make data Interoperable


FAIR Data Principle Guidelines - to make data reusable


Strateos uses the FAIR Data Principle Guidelines for scientific data management to make research data findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable and thus, promote their maximum use.

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