Lab Transformation Software

Automate and Dramatically
Accelerate the DMTA Cycle

Drug discovery efforts are driven in the early stage by the Design-Make-Test-Analyze (DMTA) cycle that is plagued by manual workflows with long cycle times, the need for constant communication in real time between geographically dispersed teams and locations, complex data generation at every stage of the cycle and high upfront costs.

LodeStar Drives Speed & Closed
Loop Design in DMTA Workflows

LodeStar automates the
DMTA cycle, so scientists can

  • Work on multiple programs at the same time
  • Greatly improve process efficiencies
  • Shorten the DMTA cycle times significantly
  • Achieve faster discovery and go-to-market
  • Capture data that provides accuracy, end-to-end traceability and reproducibility

How Can LodeStar Transform Your Lab?

Deploy LodeStar and migrate from lab-scale automation to at-scale industrialization, creating a revolutionary ecosystem that connects multiple lab systems and departments across geographically diverse locations.


That provides an end-to-end physical and digital automation, and supports automated GxP workflows.

Physical Lab Automation

With the full integration, command and control of all instruments and hardware in multiple facilities.

Digital Lab Automation

With single point access, to design, build and manage virtual workflows. Organize, manage and track samples across fully interoperable life science instruments.


Between dispersed teams that breaks down silos, allowing for greater real- time visibility, and unified project supervision and control.

Data Generation,
AI and Data Science

Generate, harmonize and unify FAIR human-and machine-actionable data to build better ML models that generate deeper insights with better predictive power.


Supports GMP, GLP, GCP, & CLIA regulations.

LodeStar Key Features


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