CLAAS Software Platform

The Force Multiplier of Digital Transformation in the R&D Life Cycle

The drive for innovation determines the need for transformation. Leverage the Strateos Cloud Lab Automation as-a-Service (CLAAS) software platform to digitize and transform your lab into an automated closed loop, design, make, test and analyze system for faster AI-enabled drug campaigns that will propel the discovery of innovative scientific insights.

The Strateos CLAAS Software Platform is part of the leading edge of the life sciences digital transformation wave which enables research organizations of any size to manage scientific workflows and integrate automation. The Platform helps scientists design, define, connect, control and execute their scientific workflows – both on-site and off-site, from anywhere in the world – all from a single web interface.

Meet Your Virtual Team That Drives Innovation

By integrating 25 or more scientific devices into purpose-built workcells, the Strateos CLAAS Software Platform provides you with a digital life sciences workforce and a digital automation workforce that together drive your scientific R&D experimentation in the cloud.

Future - Ready Digital Transformation
That Lets You Make Better Decisions, Faster

The Strateos CLAAS Software Platform supports faster and better decision making by offering four critical advantages:

Scientific Collaboration

by allowing full visibility and management of the user’s experiment designs, requests, and executions between operational teams, while automatically capturing data to centralize scientific workflows.

AI-Ready Close Loop System

Our cloud-based AI-ready close loop system is highly automated, and scalable, offering a powerful on-demand engine for your AI/ML- driven discovery campaigns.

Automation Workflows

that enable organizations to manage and automate on-premise R&D operations via the cloud.

Automation at Scale

that empowers R&D from idea to data across automation modules and facilities world-wide.

Digital Transformation for Drug Discovery and Life Sciences

The Strateos CLAAS Software Platform offers a unified, single-point digital transformation capability across a wide range of Life Science applications including small and large molecules. To learn more about how the CLAAS Platform drove drug discovery in case studies, download the brochure.

From Molecule to Market:
Leverage the Strateos CLAAS Platform Advantage

The Strateos CLAAS solution is a single-point access platform of seamless functionality across the full gamut of lab operations, driving innovation, new insights, actionable data and developing exciting new drug candidates:

Workflow Design and Orchestration

A comprehensive suite of predefined protocols and the power to build your own is an intrinsic part of the CLAAS Platform. With an extensive driver library, our CLAAS Software Platform offers complete orchestration of work scheduling, run execution and data generation across the entire lab by placing the ability to connect and control over 200 different life sciences instruments spanning biology and chemistry at your fingertips.

Instruments are housed in a purpose-designed workcell to work together through standardized instructions instead of creating custom packages and point solutions to connect a diverse footprint of hardware.


From basic PCR methods to RNA isolation to Transformation and Colony Picking, the Strateos Protocol and Workflow Builder offers a wide portfolio of ready-to-go protocols across small and large molecule drug discovery, synthetic biology and cell and gene therapy.

Custom Workflows

Design and build your own workflows to capture and automate scientific intent. With the Strateos CLAAS Software Platform, you can design your own bespoke protocols and build workflows around them by leveraging our highly automated instrumentation via the cloud.

The CLAAS Software UI is easy to use and intuitive, and provides a broad canvas for scientists to define new workflows by editing an existing workflow, chaining together existing workflows, or starting from scratch using a library of common tasks. You can create complex scientific workflows through a simple graphical UI and map out dependencies between tasks in a device agnostic manner.

Integrated Run, Sample and Reagent Management

The Strateos CLAAS Software Platform offers unified data generation, capture and sample management across scientific applications, as well as device tracking and calibration. The intuitive UI interface allows you to manage, track and efficiently organize samples, manage and run your tests and obtain test results.

Data Generation and Analysis

Data generated across the Strateos Cloud Lab is FAIR-compliant, enhancing the ability of instruments and machines to automatically find and use data, in addition to supporting its reuse by individuals.

You can also use our CLAAS Software Platform in combination with AI/ML to overcome the challenges associated with generating relevant, clean and structured data to advance your life science and drug discovery R&D.

APIs and Documentation

A robust API architecture is at the core of digital transformation in the Strateos Cloud Lab, supporting system interoperability and programmatic integration of the diverse instrument footprint.

3rd Party Software Integration

Strateos can integrate your data pipelines and informatics packages with our CLAAS Software Platform, so you can create bespoke workflows and experiment designs.


The Strateos CLAAS Software Platform offers transparency and traceability from the requirements stage, to design, implementation, testing and results. Protocol versioning and audit trails, chronological cataloging of events and procedures, and the documentation of operational actions are all captured for regulatory compliance.


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