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Accelerating Medicinal Chemistry Cycle Times Through Cloud Accessible Smart Automated Labs

Monday, February 07, 2022 | 4:30 - 5PM (EST)

SLAS 2022 is set to be an exciting conference where scientists can come together to learn about the innovative technologies transforming the way life sciences research is executed. The conference will be held in Boston, MA, and will feature thought-provoking presentations and an exhibition showcasing laboratory automation solutions and services.

Strateos’ SVP of Strategy and Operations, Daniel Sipes, will be giving a talk during SLAS 2022 on February 7th at 4:30pm EST, discussing the challenges associated with the design, make, test and analyze (DMTA) cycle in small molecule drug discovery workflows where medicinal chemistry plays a key role. Progress from target ID through to IND submission in conventional workflows can take upwards of 6+ years, where success hinges on iterative cycles of DMTA. However, fractured workflows, operational bottlenecks and non-standardized analog data capture has resulted in high cost and slow cycle times that cannot support the urgent and growing demand for new drug discoveries.

Daniel will discuss key learnings and results of automating the DMTA cycle after over a year operating in production mode, including the reduction of researchers’ hands-on time by 90%, ability to screen 1M+ molecules in as little as two weeks to identify lead scaffolds, and automated reproducible synthesis of compounds followed by downstream cell-based and biochemical assays such as cAMP, kinase, and label-free mass spec assays in as little as 3-5 days.

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Special Content Sessions: AI in the Labs of Now and in the Future

Monday, February 07, 2022 | 4:30 - 6:00PM (EST)

Presented by:
Daniel R. Rines, Phd – Senior Director, Strateos Inc.
Charles Fracchia, CEO – CEO, BioBright
Joshua D. Kangas, Phd – Assistant Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Brian Osullivan
Toby Blackburn


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