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Automation in drug discovery drives down costs, reduces complexity, and shortens go-to-market timelines for new drugs. Strateos is a pioneer in the development of remote access laboratories, lab control software, and automation for life science discovery. Our mission is to create new knowledge driven by data, computation, automation, and high-throughput robotics with the goal of fundamentally advancing the life sciences. Learn how the Strateos Platform helps scientists efficiently and reproducibly design, run, and analyze experiments to enable novel and rapid scientific discoveries.

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Medicinal Chemistry Services

Strateos Tissue Tech: Early Access

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Case Studies

Closing the Loop from Idea to Data and Accelerating Cycle Times for Faster Drug Discovery

Establishing Personalized Cancer Dosing Regimens Using a High-Throughput Screening Platform

Accelerating Protein Engineering Through Lab Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Strateos Case Study Maximizing R&D Through Cloud Based Control

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Closing the Loop from Idea to Data and Accelerating Cycle Times for Faster Drug Discovery

Assembling CRISPR GRNA Constructs Using the Strateos Robotic Cloud Laboratory

The Strateos On-Demand Robotic Cloud Lab Reliably Performs High-Throughput QPCR

Use of Strateos Robotic Cloud Lab for High-Throughput Site-Directed Mutagenesis


Featured in 5 Best Biotech Companies to Watch in 2023

FEB 2023

Strateos Named a Top 10 Pharma & Lifesciences Solution Provider in 2022

OCT 2022

Featured cloud robotics lab accelerating drug discovery and development

OCT 2022

Robustness and reproducibility of simple and complex synthetic logic circuit designs using a DBTL loop

AUG 2022

Technical Notes & Protocols

This protocol demonstrates the validity of Strateos' Autoprotocol-implemented PCR Protocol.

CRISPR technology allows you to edit your target genome using a short, target-specific guide RNA (gRNA) and a specialized endonuclease.

This protocol automates colorimetric protein detection from liver tissue extracts or plasma samples using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology on the Strateos platform.

This protocol automates ExoSap-IT treatment for PCR purification on the Strateos Platform.


PharmaIQ AI in Drug Discovery – Protein Engineering UW-Madison

SLAS HTS Presentation 2021

SLAS SAGE Chemistry Webinar Presentation

SLAT Presentation Paving the Way for Next Generation Experimentation with Self Driving Labs

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