Event Recap

The World’s First Cloud Lab, HTE, Lab Automation Virtual Conference

October 11, 2021 | Virtual

Between October 11-13th, Strateos was a proud participant at the 20/15 Visioneers Cloud Lab, HTE, Lab Automation Virtual Conference alongside other thought leaders in the space such as PerkinElmer, Dotmatics and Gingko Bioworks. The theme of the conference was how laboratory automation, HTE, and cloud labs are enabling model-quality data generation to drive better, more efficient experimentation to accelerate scientific discoveries.

The first day was focused on cloud labs — Ben Miles, Ph.D., Head of Product Management at Strateos presented a webinar entitled A Direct Route to Smart Labs – Reimagining and Redefining Labs As Smart Data Centers, which focused on democratizing and expanding access to advanced technologies through automated cloud labs in the era of computer-aided life sciences.

The goal at Strateos is to use automation and software tools to rapidly generate high quality data at scale needed for modern data science (AI) applications to improve the scientific process. Strateos provides flexible solutions and access to automated technologies via its smart labs and software to efficiently interrogate complex scientific landscapes in synthetic biology, drug discovery, and more.

To learn more, read our event recap blog post or watch the video below


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