In depth biomolecular characterization with a suite of assays

When you need to characterize biochemical interactions, IC50s or ADME-Tox profiles of your compounds, the Strateos robotic cloud lab can get you there fast with state of the art infrastructure.

384 well plate based assays for high-throughput screening.
Reduce your medicinal chemistry cycle time with in vitro ADME-Tox profiles with robotic reliability.
Connect Strateos to your analytics pipeline for seamless data generation and analysis.

Biochemical characterization for agile discovery teams

Use the flexible and reliable Strateos platform to perform many different biochemical assays.

Hit screening

Complete screening campaigns of your design in 384-well plate formats whenever you need them, with well maintained robotics.

Binding kinetics

Measure IC50’s and binding kinetics for both direct and allosteric ligands in your own custom automated assay


Speed up your medicinal chemistry cycles with cyclic profiling of ADME-Tox and compound potency.

Broad capability

Run assays using FRET, fluorescence intensity, HTRF, luminescence, colorimetric, thermal shift and more read outs. Reactions can be assembled with acoustic liquid handling or 1-384 multi-channel air-displacement liquid handling.

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Assay Flexibility

Perform both single time-point and kinetic assays for a range of biochemical assays. Simultaneous, precise dosing is achieved with 96 or 384-well multichannel liquid handlers

Accessible Datasets

Organizations on Strateos benefit from easy to access data than can be effortlessly be compiled into longitudinal studies. Use the Strateos web application or developer tools to feed your experimental data straight in to your analysis pipeline in tools such as Spotfire, Jupyter or Excel.


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