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Strateos Console

Your web-based graphical user interface for managing everything about your organization and resources on Strateos

Effortlessly manage all of your Strateos resources including Projects, Protocols, Runs, Datasets and Inventory, and discover new capabilities to help you with your science. The Strateos Console provides an easy-to-use, web-based, graphical user interface to quickly get work done. Combined with powerful admin features for billing breakdowns, security and team management the Strateos Console helps your organization get the most out of Strateos. Get the complete overview of your Strateos resources and infrastructure that you need.

Access and manage Strateos resources right from your web browser
Easy to use
An approachable user experience lets you quickly get the job done
Comprehensive management across your account, with extensibility to your own automation and integrations

A Powerful Browser Based Overview of your work

Your Strateos Resources right at your fingertips

Launch multiple automated experiments, design molecules, and collaborate remotely with your team. All of this can be done through the Strateos Console's easy-to-use graphical interface. Built for the web, the Strateos Console empowers your team to take charge of their experiments and manage all of their activity on Strateos.

Manage everything about your organization

Have up to the minute transparency on all of your Strateos Resources and Services that your team is making use of. Manage your team’s users, their projects and spending, all updated in real time and transparent.


Web-based GUI

Built for the web, the Strateos Console runs in the browser making it easy for your team to accomplish what they need from wherever they are working

Manage your Strateos Resources

Strateos Console is the gateway to all of your Protocols, Workflows, Datasets, Inventory and other services of the Strateos Robotic Cloud Lab

Collaborate with your colleagues

Strateos Console gives you live updates on your colleague's work allowing you to seamlessly collaborate on all of the Strateos Robotic Cloud Lab's services

Securely Access your resources

Strateos Console leverages industry best practices for security, allowing you to rest at ease that only you and your colleagues can access your Strateos resources


Get a real time, detailed breakdown into your team's spending on Strateos so you can easily manage your budgets


Powerful tools let you fully manage your organization on Strateos from your experimental workflows through to your colleague's identities

Technical Resources

Strateos Console Documentation

To learn more about using the Strateos Console to manage your work and organization on Strateos read the Getting Started Documentation.


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